Our Product Range

Environet Canopies are providers of materials for the construction of protective canopies. We supply Quad Hailnet, Static Hailnet, Quad Birdnet and Hex and Diamond Birdnet. We also supply cable, H/T wire, anchors, posts, sleeves and clips. Our Quad Hailnets are made to your requirements, whether it is 10mt wide or 20mt wide, colours are white, grey and black. Our Birdnets are 5mt, 6.5mt, 10mt and 15mt x 100mt bales. Our 20mt Quad Birdnet is 20mt x 330mt and 400mt bales. Birdnets are available in black and white. We can also manufacture special hole sizes in both Hailnet and Birdnets. All our nets come with a 10 year pro-rata warranty.

Our structures are built using the best quality products available today. Treated pine poles are available in various sizes and widths. We also construct steel poles for our European designed structures. Various types of netting are available for our steel pole structures, whether stretched or hanging, we have a net to suit your requirements. Our steel pole structures are available as a kit form if you choose to install yourself, supplied with instructions and advise, or we can install some or all of the structure for you.

Birdnet Hex Knitted

15mm hex design. 45gsm. Available in 5mt and 10mt x 100mt bales and 15mt hex design 52gsm x 400mt bales.

Birdnet Quad Knitted

10 x 10mt, 5 x 10mt and 5 x 5mt. White only. 20mm Quad 55gsm. 20mt x 400mt bales. Black only

Custom Made Nets

We can tailor nets to your specific requirements. We will design and supply all materials for construction.

Hailnet Quad Knitted

HDPE Monofilament. Widths, lengths, gsm and colours can be made to order.

Hailnet Static Knitted

6.5mt x 200mt rolls. Varying width markers for cutting to size required.

Rigid Galvanised Earth Anchor

This galvanised earth anchor may be installed by hand or machine.

Earth Helix Anchor With Thimble

The Earth Helix Anchor with Thimble is made from galvanised steel and mil spec.

Nylon Netting Clips

Nylon netting clips. Available in bags (250) or containers (5000).

Plastic Net Fixing Sleeves

6.0mm and 7.5mm x 400mm sleeves.

Helical Spiral Cable Splices

3.15mm, 6.0mm and 7.5mm cable splices.

1×7 Strand Galvanised Cable

6.0mm and 7.5mm galvanised steel cable. Lengths available – 1000 lm and 5000 lm coils.

Wire H/T Galvanised

High tensile 3.15mm x 100 lm coils.