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Canopy Solutions

Environet Canopies is an Australian business based in Melbourne VIC with over 20 years’ experience. Specialising in the manufacture, supply and construction of large-scale net canopies and shade solutions. Environet Canopies have become one of Australia’s most sought after professionals offering Hail net Canopies, Bird Net Canopies, Shade canopies, Wind Breaks and custom designed canopy systems.

Canopy Solutions For All

Our construction division currently builds for a range of industries including Orchards, Fruit Growers, Flower Growers, Horticultural, Agricultural, nurseries and commercial projects, and this list is constantly evolving.

We also have a wholesale and retail department, selling a range of Nets, Shade cloths, Accessories, and components for people who wish to do it themselves.

Quality Canopies

Environet Canopies prides itself on being a leader in the field of net construction. Using the latest advancements in technology in the design phase and right throughout until completion. All our canopies are designed to meet specifications and we use the highest quality products to ensure that all our canopy structures are designed to last.

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