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Bird Netting – Tree Fruit Magazine

August 15, 2022

Protective canopies from Environet

Do you have birds attacking your crops, or hail and wind problems in your orchard?
Most growers suffer from birds attacking their crops. Apple growers can be devastated by hail, sun and wind-burn.

Environet Canopies are suppliers and builders of protective canopies and can provide growers with netting solutions which can be constructed to suit your orchard and requirements.

Installing a protective canopy can save you money now, and in the years to comeā€”so consider what you need to protect your crops from, and make enquiries into the right structure for your crops.

Bat netting, bird netting, hail netting or rain covers, Environet Canopies has a solution for you.

If you are considering a protective canopy, now is the time to make those enquiries.

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