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EnviroNet Commercial Hexagonal Bird Net

Product Details

Environet Commercial Bird Net is designed specifically for Commercial Use.

Environet Commercial Bird netting is manufactured from (HDPE) High density polyethylene yarn

Quad size: 20mm Hexagonal Shape

Weight: 70gsm

Colour: Black & White

Sizes:     5m, 10m, 13m, 15 x 100m

Various widths made to order.

Features: White centre line market and tagged every 10 metres on the edge of the net.

UV Treated Warranty: 10-year pro rata warranty against ultraviolet damage

Commercial use only

Environet Commercial bird netting is highly effective in excluding birds from unwanted areas. It forms a physical barrier that prevents birds from accessing enclosed spaces, such as agricultural fields, gardens, rooftops, or warehouses.

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