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The Importance of Protecting you Investment Early

June 13, 2023

The Importance of Protecting Your Investment Early: Including Netting in the Initial Stages of Planning a New Orchard Block
When it comes to establishing a new orchard block, protecting your investment from potential risks is paramount. Allocating resources for hail netting in the early planning stages proves to be a strategic decision that can save growers substantial costs in the future. This article emphasizes the importance of including hail netting in the initial stages of orchard planning and the long-term benefits it offers to growers.

Protecting Your Investment:
By including hail netting in the early planning phase, growers take proactive measures to safeguard their investment. Hailstorms pose a significant threat to young trees, potentially causing irreparable damage and substantial crop loss. By implementing hail netting, growers protect their trees, ensuring their long-term growth and preserving the value of their investment.

Cost Savings in the Long Run:
Investing in hail netting early on leads to substantial cost savings in the future. While there is an upfront cost associated with installing hail netting, it proves to be a wise investment. By preventing hail damage, growers avoid costly repairs, tree replacement, and post-hail recovery efforts. The initial investment in hail netting pales in comparison to the potential losses that can be incurred without it.

Minimizing Financial Risks:
Including hail netting in the initial planning stages helps growers minimize financial risks. Hailstorms can have devastating effects on orchard productivity and profitability. By investing early in protective measures like hail netting, growers mitigate the risk of crop damage, ensuring a more stable income stream and reducing the uncertainty associated with unpredictable weather events.

Preserving Orchard Productivity:
Hail netting not only protects against hail damage but also provides a barrier against pests, birds, and other animals. By excluding these potential threats, growers can maintain a healthier orchard environment and preserve productivity. Reduced pest damage translates to higher-quality fruits and higher market value, contributing to long-term profitability.

The importance of protecting your investment early in the planning stages of a new orchard block cannot be overstated. Including hail netting as part of the initial budget ensures proactive protection against hail damage and potential losses. By investing early, growers save on future costs, minimize financial risks, and preserve orchard productivity. Prioritizing the inclusion of hail netting demonstrates foresight and a commitment to securing a prosperous future for the orchard. Protecting your investment early through the installation of hail netting is a wise decision that benefits growers in the long run.

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